If you are counting down the months, weeks, days, and hours until your graduation, it’s time you visited an Advisement Center/Counseling Office on any TCC campus. Our counseling and advisement staff will ensure that you are fulfilling all the requirements for graduation.

At the beginning of your last semester at TCC, if you have fulfilled all the graduation requirements, your next (and almost last) step will be to make an appointment for a final Graduation Check at our Advisement Center. The final Graduation Check will ensure that you graduate and receive your diploma. Be sure to check it off your list!

Deadlines to file for graduation

Fall* - last Friday in October
Spring - last Friday in March
Summer** - second Friday in July

*Fall graduates may participate in TCC's annual commencement ceremony the following May.

**If you plan on graduating in the Summer you may make an appointment for your final graduation check by the Spring deadline and then participate in TCC's annual commencement ceremony in May.